1. situated or placed in front.

"FORE is a concept of visual dialogue and communication;

It is a focal point without definition or constraint."


FORE is a multifaceted exploration of cultural themes and references. Each project inspired by a specific subject area or case study, merged at the intersection of fashion, music, art and lifestyle. Each collection is derived from an overarching topic that prompts dialogue and conversation through storytelling.

Collections are released in exclusively limited numbers that never restock so once a product is gone there’s no chance of getting it again. Artefacts include anything from apparel and footwear to homeware and accessories, all remaining consistent to the dialogue.



Customs (Footwear)



1. modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task.

"Our custom footwear is produced exclusively to create unique and individual looks – allowing you to express yourself and distinguish yourself from everyone else’s dead creps"


Each custom pair of shoes are created as samples then released on a pre-order basis. Always limited to only 4 pairs, each handmade and individually numbered [I-IV] making each pair unique.






1. the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

"Our ethos is clear – be yourself, be different, be the best, f*ck the rest"


The FORE ethos and values are synonymous with those of youth culture; the aim not to seek conformity but rather embrace difference and contradiction. FORE is intended for the minority; those who struggle to identify with a collective or fail to fit the template laid out by society. It exists as an escape from the monotony of mainstream ideas and expectations. It caters to those who question uniformity and allows for self-expression in those who wish to cause disruption.


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